Rice grain Rot রোগের প্রতিকার কি?

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  1. সাইফুল্লাহ আহম্মদ, কৃষি সম্প্রসারণ অফিসার, তানোর, রাজশাহী

    Biological ControlPre-treatment of rice seeds with avirulent strains of B. glumae reduced the incidence of seedling rot caused by virulent strains. The suppression varied depending on the combinations of both avirulent and virulent strain used. A high concentration (c. 10,000,000,000 c.f.u./ml) of the avirulent strain was the most effective. Killed cells of avirulent B. glumae or other bacteria in the genera Agrobacterium, Erwinia, Bacillus and Clavibacter did not suppress the disease. Of five avirulent strains of B. glumae tested, N7503 was the most effective and may be a useful biocontrol agent for rice seedling blight (Furuya et al., 1991).